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"Fijian Barefoot Massage"

So I’m sure if you follow along at all over on my Facebook page you already know that I’ve been in Nashville the last couple of days for a class. I had been considering and pondering and planning for quite a while about this class and then it just sort of fell into my lap.

I drove up Friday morning giving myself an extra hour of drive time which was a good thing. Have you ever driven in Nashville rush hour traffic? Yikes!

Fijian Barefoot Massage

The class was Fijian Barefoot Massage with Lolita Knight. I have been curious about this modality for a while. I wanted to try a different  kind of barefoot massage to see how it compares to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. And I have to say it was quite different. Similarities, of course, but interesting new ways to use the feet to get in there with the pressure.

And Fijian is similar to Ashi-Thai in that the client stays clothed, which is a plus if you’re working in public spaces. And it’s portable. Very easily portable. Essentially all you need is the floor (or ground if you’re outside). A thai-style mat would up the comfort level, but is not necessary if you’re in a real pinch.

I learned so much at this class and met so many interesting people that I’m still somewhat overwhelmed trying to process and integrate it all.

Meanwhile I have to tell you about the highlight of the entire trip because it is bizarre and surprising and made my day. We were mid-way to lunchtime and had been working for a while. I was chatting with my practice partner. Obviously I told her I was an AOBT and she was asking me some questions about it. Apparently she had been researching Ashi classes and was unsure of which organization to go with. Then she specifically asked about one of the copycat knock off providers and I was launching into my spiel about why she should choose when I heard a tiny voice from across the room say,  “I teach for them.”

It stopped me in my tracks. For a moment I wasn’t sure how to interpret that statement. You work for the knock off? You work for Ruthie at I looked and there was this face that I recognized, but didn’t know and suddenly a name was flying out of my mouth and there was laughing and squealing and there across the room were two of my Ashi sisters. We all knew each other from our Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Facebook Group, but didn’t know we were going to be in the same class. I spent the rest of the day hyper aware of where they were and what they were doing as we worked. Then we went to dinner together and had a fabulous time. That poor TGI Fridays in the Opry Mills Mall may never be the same.

Overall I had a great time learning Fijian and then later the luxury add-on Soft Touch Island Massage and getting to share it with my Ashi sisters made it all even better.

Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Bamboo-Fusion Massage


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"Harvest Moon Massage Therapy"Earlier this year a friend said to me, “I haven’t heard you talking about any new classes lately. What’s up with that?” To which I responded that I just hadn’t seen anything I wanted to take. Apparently I should have taken that question as an indicator that I needed to start saving up a lot of money. My educational plan for this year was to go very light on the CEUs because I spent more than I had planned on the Bamboo-Fusion class back in March.

But then the part of me that is a junkie for learning new things bit hard and  I now have more CEUs scheduled between now and January than you can shake a monkey at.

I was trying to be fiscally responsible when I signed up for three, 2-hour educational opportunities at a local Pilates studio. They were relatively inexpensive and local (score!) The first of those three start the end of October with the first installment of a two-part Hamstring class.

Then, and I don’t even remember how it happened, I found a 5-day Thai Yoga Massage class happening in Hohenwald, TN at Gray Bear Lodge. The time frame worked. It was within driving distance and lodging and food was included in the cost. But oh, the cost… I agonized over whether I should do it or not. After consulting with said friend from above, I finally decided that the opportunity probably would not present itself again and that I should just tap the savings account to do it so I signed up.

Then the announcement for the AMTA-Alabama Chapter Fall Meeting and CEU came out. Originally the CEU was for Cold Stone and Migraine Therapy. I was seriously on the fence about that and when I made the decision to do the Gray Bear Lodge/Thai Yoga Massage class I decided not to do the Cold Stone. Then the Cold Stone fell through and they announced Hal Richardson would be doing 3-D Manual Therapy for Legs, Ankles, and Feet and well, I just couldn’t resist. Being a member, I get the discounted rate for 6 hours of CEUs and who could turn that down. And since there’s only three days between the Hamstring I class and the 3-D Manual Therapy class I should get even more bang for my buck in the retention and integration department.

I called it done. No more CEUs this year. This is it. Yeah, right… then I read on Facebook that an Ashi-acquaintance had taken the Fijian Barefoot class and I just sort of melted. I emailed her and she asked if I’d like to come take the Fijian Barefoot with Oil class in New Orleans. I said I’d think about it because, again, I was trying hard to be fiscally responsible while at the same time trying to figure out if skipping this opportunity would mean that to get it I would have to travel to Illinois at a later date.

Then I got to wondering about the schedule for Fijian in general, hit the website and SHAZAM! Lolita Knight is teaching Fijian Island Barefoot Massage and  Soft Touch Island Massage in Nashville in the middle of November. Actually she is teaching about 4-days worth of all kinds of interesting things that I would love to take, but, alas, money.

I’ve been wanting to take the Fijian class for a couple of years. Once I finally felt like I was proficient in Ashi I started craving knowledge for different barefoot systems and this one seems to be a pretty well-developed course. Anyway, Lolita Knight developed the Fijian massage for the U.S. and she is planning on retiring next year. Who knows when I’d have the opportunity to take it this close to home and from the creator, herself. So I signed up. Sigh…

So, here’s how the next couple of months are going to shake out CEU-wise for me:

October 29 – Hamstring I

November 2 – 3 – AMTA – AL Fall Massage Mingle, Meeting & 3-D Manual Therapy: Legs, Ankles and Feet

November 16 – Fijian Island Barefoot Massage & Soft Touch Island Massage

November 28 – December 2 – Thai Yoga Massage

December 3 – Hamstring II

January 7 – Lordosis/Kyphosis Class

I’m tired just looking at this list, but on the upside I won’t need anymore CEUs for a long, long time and I won’t be able to afford them either.

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