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As a massage therapist, my clients ask me regularly what they should do to help manage pain between their regular massage appointments. Check out this little Facebook Live video I did addressing that question. In it you’ll learn a couple of different techniques for managing pain at home and how to make your own hot/cold pack.

Let me know what you think. Did I cover it all? What do you do that I didn’t think of here?

Make sure to Like my Facebook page if you haven’t already. There will be more little goodies like this as well as my weekly openings, specials, and other bits of interest.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage Therapy is Decatur’s Ashiatsu Massage Specialist!

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Alabama Massage Therapy License, Harvest Moon Massage TherapyIt was just eight short years ago (technically August 22nd) when I finally became licensed in the State of Alabama!

Who knew way back then that it would take almost eight years to become a full-time massage therapist? Not me, but I don’t regret a minute of it. I love being a massage therapist and helping people get out of pain!

I am honored at how so many seek me out and trust me to help eliminate their pain and stress and then send their friends and family.

I’m sending out the biggest, “Thank You,” to my clients, family, and friends who have helped make this dream come true.

When I think about being a massage therapist two things from my past repeatedly come to mind. First, how my high school classmates decided that I, their class Valedictorian, would be most likely to become a beach comber. Some day I will do massage on a beautiful beach with the waves crashing in the background. Under my table will be the most impressive array of found objects, shells and driftwood. Imagine the photo opportunities!

And second, this quote from Louisa May Alcott that I chose to appear next to my senior yearbook photo, “Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.” I’m so glad I followed and I’m so, so glad I reached this aspiration.

Thank You For Your Support!

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage Therapy is Decatur’s Barefoot Massage Specialist!

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harvestmooncoverHarvest Moon Massage Therapy & Reflexology will be closed this Friday, November 6th, while I go to the mountains to take a Reflexology refresher!

I won’t be able to answer calls promptly so if you’d like to schedule an appointment for next week, please visit my StyleSeat book.

I’ll be back in the office bright and early Monday!

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Master Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist!

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freeA while back I decided to start a referral special for clients, but I don’t think I did a good job putting it into words so I wanted to take a minute and put all the details here.

Refer three new clients to me and get a free massage!

Fine Print:
No limits. Refer three friends this month and three more next month you get two free massages!
Free massage must be received within 90 days of award.
This special cannot be combined with gift certificates.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Barefoot Massage Therapist!

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New CardsThey’re finally here and will be making their debut at the office this week.

What do you think?

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Original Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist!


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"Fijian Barefoot Massage"

So I’m sure if you follow along at all over on my Facebook page you already know that I’ve been in Nashville the last couple of days for a class. I had been considering and pondering and planning for quite a while about this class and then it just sort of fell into my lap.

I drove up Friday morning giving myself an extra hour of drive time which was a good thing. Have you ever driven in Nashville rush hour traffic? Yikes!

Fijian Barefoot Massage

The class was Fijian Barefoot Massage with Lolita Knight. I have been curious about this modality for a while. I wanted to try a different  kind of barefoot massage to see how it compares to Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy. And I have to say it was quite different. Similarities, of course, but interesting new ways to use the feet to get in there with the pressure.

And Fijian is similar to Ashi-Thai in that the client stays clothed, which is a plus if you’re working in public spaces. And it’s portable. Very easily portable. Essentially all you need is the floor (or ground if you’re outside). A thai-style mat would up the comfort level, but is not necessary if you’re in a real pinch.

I learned so much at this class and met so many interesting people that I’m still somewhat overwhelmed trying to process and integrate it all.

Meanwhile I have to tell you about the highlight of the entire trip because it is bizarre and surprising and made my day. We were mid-way to lunchtime and had been working for a while. I was chatting with my practice partner. Obviously I told her I was an AOBT and she was asking me some questions about it. Apparently she had been researching Ashi classes and was unsure of which organization to go with. Then she specifically asked about one of the copycat knock off providers and I was launching into my spiel about why she should choose when I heard a tiny voice from across the room say,  “I teach for them.”

It stopped me in my tracks. For a moment I wasn’t sure how to interpret that statement. You work for the knock off? You work for Ruthie at I looked and there was this face that I recognized, but didn’t know and suddenly a name was flying out of my mouth and there was laughing and squealing and there across the room were two of my Ashi sisters. We all knew each other from our Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy Facebook Group, but didn’t know we were going to be in the same class. I spent the rest of the day hyper aware of where they were and what they were doing as we worked. Then we went to dinner together and had a fabulous time. That poor TGI Fridays in the Opry Mills Mall may never be the same.

Overall I had a great time learning Fijian and then later the luxury add-on Soft Touch Island Massage and getting to share it with my Ashi sisters made it all even better.

Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Bamboo-Fusion Massage

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"Harvest Moon Massage"I suppose it’s a natural question. I get it from almost all of my clients, if not the first time we work together, eventually.

Have You Ever Fallen Off The Table?

The short answer is no, I’ve never fallen off the table. The longer answer is yes, sort of.

When you ask me if I’ve fallen off the table a movie in my brain starts playing wherein I fall off the table head-first onto the inadequately padded, concrete floor. There is a lot of blood in my movie and I end up horribly injured, disfigured, and paralyzed. This has never happened to me, but suffice to say the prospect of truly falling off the massage table from a standing position scares the stuffing out of me.

I have however stepped off the table thinking my step stool was underneath my foot and missed. This is sort of like falling and the aftermath is not comfortable. I have also stepped onto the step stool and had it promptly turn over as I’m dismounting the table. This is almost worse than falling because I think I’m home free and then suddenly there’s danger. I’ve also just stepped straight down off the table onto the floor (on purpose) and jammed up my hip.

Usually my clients never know when this happens unless they hear the step stool thunk a bit. I have been fortunate in that I have never injured myself severely enough to have to stop a massage.

How Do You Keep From Falling Off The Table?

Hold on to the bars is the obvious answer, but sometimes I have to let go to change the drape as I move through the massage or adjust the position of an arm or leg or get off the table altogether. That’s when the safety training takes over. If I did something stupid and/or dangerous while I was learning Ashi (AOBT) or Ashi-Thai, my instructors counseled me. And by counseling I mean I was gently corrected, became the butt of a snarky comment or was downright yelled at if I was about to hurt myself or someone else. I was counseled several times during training. I also learned from my friends’ counseling sessions.

Now that I don’t have the luxury of an instructor scrutinizing my work, if I have a misstep during a massage I flag it in my memory and later come back to analyze it.  My general philosophy on mistakes is that I should learn as much from them as possible so I never have to repeat them. Thus I try to learn from each misstep or mistake; then I design the massage around my equipment with an eye towards maximizing safety for me and for the client. That way it’s all fun and games and no one gets hurt. And by fun and games I mean the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.

Sharon BryantHarvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Bamboo-Fusion Massage

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