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Ever feel like the holidays are just too much? Well, I have good news!

Harvest Moon Massage Therapy & Reflexology in Decatur, AL is giving away a 1-hour massage!

Wouldn’t you love to have a massage? Wouldn’t you really love to receive a FREE massage?

Well, technically it’s not free, you have to enter the contest. Keep reading to find out how.

  1. Get yourself over to my Facebook page!
  2. Like my Facebook page (this part is required)
  3. Find this post on my page. I’ll pin it to the top so it’s easy to find.
  4. Share the post to your timeline and in your share tell everyone why you want to win this FREE massage! (also, required)

Here comes the small print:

  • I currently have 197 people who like my Facebook page. We have to get to 300 by New Years Day for this thing to fly.
  • You don’t have to be an existing client to participate so get your friends in on it to increase the chances of hitting 300 and thus guaranteeing that someone wins a free massage
  • You must be ready to redeem your free massage in the month of January
  • You must write a review of your experience

That’s it, easy peasy! So get yourself on over to my Facebook page and enter into the contest. I’ll be announcing the winner on January 1st so share, share, share it around.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Master Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist!

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freeA while back I decided to start a referral special for clients, but I don’t think I did a good job putting it into words so I wanted to take a minute and put all the details here.

Refer three new clients to me and get a free massage!

Fine Print:
No limits. Refer three friends this month and three more next month you get two free massages!
Free massage must be received within 90 days of award.
This special cannot be combined with gift certificates.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Barefoot Massage Therapist!

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Remembering 9/11, Every Day

old_gloryBecause we respect and appreciate the service and sacrifice our hometown heroes make every day of the year, we have a special to say Thank You!

Police, Fire, Rescue, Active Duty Military

$10 Off Every Massage, Every Day of the Year

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Did you get my August newsletter?

No? Well, get yourself over there —> and sign up for the newsletter. It’s where you’re going to find the latest information on any specials I’m running. I am also told they are somewhat entertaining and sometimes helpful.

Anyway, since I really want everyone to take advantage of the specials I’m running during August and September here’s a summary.

Bring an unopened bag of puppy or kitten food to my office and get $10 off your massage during the months of August and September. All collections will be donated to Decatur Animal Services.


Adopt an animal from a shelter during the month of August, bring in your adoption agreement, and get 50% off your next massage.


Police, Fire, Rescue, or Active Duty Military – $10 off your massage, year-round. Just bring in your city/county/federal ID for the discount.

So what’s stopping you? Save some money, get a massage!

It’s all good.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Newest Provider of Thai-Yoga Bodywork!

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Photo Courtesy of Julie Ankrom, AOBT Extraordinaire

Photo Courtesy of Julie Ankrom, AOBT Extraordinaire

Yes it’s a verb, Mardi Gras, it’s something we do anyway. Fat Tuesday in translation or Tuesday Fat if you want to get super specific. I’m just here for the good time so I don’t care what you call it. But let’s get to it, shall we.

The reason I’m writing about Mardi Gras here on the 2nd of February is because I want to invite you to a parade! Now if you’re wondering what parades and massages have in common, not a lot unless you slap a massage table and a set of portable bars on a float and have your therapist do a bit of Ashi as you stream past thousands of possibly drunk and definitely jealous individuals. Maybe not such a grand recipe for personal safety.

Of course, after the parade, that’s when massage comes in. All those folks dancing and prancing their way down 2nd to Bank and on to Church, they’re going to be needing a massage. I should hand out cards.

Anyway, on to the invitation.

When: February 9th @ 6pm

Where: Decatur, Alabama beginning at 2nd and Gordon and traveling to Bank and Church

Why: Because it’s tons of fun, lots of throws and I’m going to be on Krewe O’ Ye Crooked Goat again this year. Check out the Carnegie Carnival website for more details on all the activities and beneficiaries of our event!

And because I’m shamelessly promoting myself today. If you make a spectacle of yourself and I catch you doing it, I’ll give you a gift on the spot. I haven’t actually decided what the gift will be, but I guarantee it will have something to do with massage and that you will like it. I probably need to decide on a code word so I don’t just walk up to random folks who are celebrating a bit too rambunctiously. How about, “Are you my massage therapist?” Yes, that will do. Ask me if I’m your massage therapist at the Mardi Gras parade and you receive a gift.

Sharon Bryant Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashi-Thai Massage

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The 9/11 Promise

I know I’m a few days late, but I wanted to remind everyone of my 9/11 promise. It’s a long-standing special at Harvest Moon Massage so you’ve probably seen it before, but here it is again.

Every day of every year $10 off any one-hour massage for police, fire, rescue or military personnel.

***Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Bamboo-Fusion Massage

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In Honor

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 disaster, I will be offering an additional $10 off every one hour massage for all police/fire/rescue personnel throughout the month of September.

Throughout the year I offer $10 off every one hour massage for these professionals so this special is actually $20 off my regular rate.

It’s a small thank you for the service and sacrifice these folks and their families make for us every day.

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