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So yesterday as I was working with a regular client we were talking about Ashi-Thai and how she wanted to try it. After she got dressed, I put her back on the table and did a few stretches on her hips. That’s when I discovered that it’s been so long since I had anyone in for Ashi-Thai that I had forgotten which foot to use for which move.

So I’ve decided that January is going to be Ashi-Thai month. Book and receive an hour of Ashi-Thai during the month of January and get $10 off the regular fee. That’s $50 for an hour of Ashi-Thai goodness.

Call soon and get on the schedule!


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My first event with the portable bars. It was a lot of fun, but it sure was cold!

Click here to see my Flickr set!

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My First Sporting Event!

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do as an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist is do events with my portable bars. Heck, it’s why I invested all those dollars on the portable bars.

Up until now I haven’t had much luck insinuating myself into any local events. Until yesterday when a friend texted and asked if I would donate a gift certificate to support The Special Olympics via the Decatur Police Department’s annual Torch Run. I had been involved with this organization in years past and immediately agreed.

Then I pitched, “How about I come out and work your event?” She got excited, I got excited, then we figured out I was going to be out of town that weekend, but wait, there’s another event this weekend closer to where we live.

So… Harvest Moon Massage Therapy & Reflexology will be at the Foot Pursuit 5K this Saturday giving out free massages!

Where: St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 1450 Sparkman Street, Hartselle, AL
When: March 26, ~7am – 10:30am

I would love to see you there!

And here’s a gratuitous plug for my friend / Ashi-Thai instructor. She is the subject of an article about Ashi and Athletes and put up some lovely pictures from one of her events.

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Qualifications Update

The recent post of my Ashi-Thai certificate got so many hits I decided to update my qualifications page with photos of each of my certificates. Just click the link that says certificate next to each description.

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Ashi-Thai Certification

I finally finished my certification for Ashi-Thai and received my lovely certificate last week!

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There were a few moments of craziness last week while we were in Ashi-Thai training and a video button got pressed. We ended up on YouTube doing the Bonk, Bonk, Bonk, Waggle, Waggle, Waggle. I’m the second therapist you see, the one with the black Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy t-shirt.


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Ashi-Thai Surprise

I had written a while ago about scheduling an Ashi-Thai training for September of this year. Two weeks ago when I started making concrete plans to go to San Antonio, TX for that training we discovered that the class was probably not going to make. The instructor and I decided it would be best for me to transfer into the August training class in Dallas.

So after a lot of hastily done research a ticket was purchased, a car was reserved, and I’m driving to Birmingham to hop a flight this afternoon.

I’ll be back Thursday and I’ll be looking for bodies to practice on. If you’re interested, give me a call.

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