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"Harvest Moon Massage Therapy"Earlier this year a friend said to me, “I haven’t heard you talking about any new classes lately. What’s up with that?” To which I responded that I just hadn’t seen anything I wanted to take. Apparently I should have taken that question as an indicator that I needed to start saving up a lot of money. My educational plan for this year was to go very light on the CEUs because I spent more than I had planned on the Bamboo-Fusion class back in March.

But then the part of me that is a junkie for learning new things bit hard and  I now have more CEUs scheduled between now and January than you can shake a monkey at.

I was trying to be fiscally responsible when I signed up for three, 2-hour educational opportunities at a local Pilates studio. They were relatively inexpensive and local (score!) The first of those three start the end of October with the first installment of a two-part Hamstring class.

Then, and I don’t even remember how it happened, I found a 5-day Thai Yoga Massage class happening in Hohenwald, TN at Gray Bear Lodge. The time frame worked. It was within driving distance and lodging and food was included in the cost. But oh, the cost… I agonized over whether I should do it or not. After consulting with said friend from above, I finally decided that the opportunity probably would not present itself again and that I should just tap the savings account to do it so I signed up.

Then the announcement for the AMTA-Alabama Chapter Fall Meeting and CEU came out. Originally the CEU was for Cold Stone and Migraine Therapy. I was seriously on the fence about that and when I made the decision to do the Gray Bear Lodge/Thai Yoga Massage class I decided not to do the Cold Stone. Then the Cold Stone fell through and they announced Hal Richardson would be doing 3-D Manual Therapy for Legs, Ankles, and Feet and well, I just couldn’t resist. Being a member, I get the discounted rate for 6 hours of CEUs and who could turn that down. And since there’s only three days between the Hamstring I class and the 3-D Manual Therapy class I should get even more bang for my buck in the retention and integration department.

I called it done. No more CEUs this year. This is it. Yeah, right… then I read on Facebook that an Ashi-acquaintance had taken the Fijian Barefoot class and I just sort of melted. I emailed her and she asked if I’d like to come take the Fijian Barefoot with Oil class in New Orleans. I said I’d think about it because, again, I was trying hard to be fiscally responsible while at the same time trying to figure out if skipping this opportunity would mean that to get it I would have to travel to Illinois at a later date.

Then I got to wondering about the schedule for Fijian in general, hit the website and SHAZAM! Lolita Knight is teaching Fijian Island Barefoot Massage and  Soft Touch Island Massage in Nashville in the middle of November. Actually she is teaching about 4-days worth of all kinds of interesting things that I would love to take, but, alas, money.

I’ve been wanting to take the Fijian class for a couple of years. Once I finally felt like I was proficient in Ashi I started craving knowledge for different barefoot systems and this one seems to be a pretty well-developed course. Anyway, Lolita Knight developed the Fijian massage for the U.S. and she is planning on retiring next year. Who knows when I’d have the opportunity to take it this close to home and from the creator, herself. So I signed up. Sigh…

So, here’s how the next couple of months are going to shake out CEU-wise for me:

October 29 – Hamstring I

November 2 – 3 – AMTA – AL Fall Massage Mingle, Meeting & 3-D Manual Therapy: Legs, Ankles and Feet

November 16 – Fijian Island Barefoot Massage & Soft Touch Island Massage

November 28 – December 2 – Thai Yoga Massage

December 3 – Hamstring II

January 7 – Lordosis/Kyphosis Class

I’m tired just looking at this list, but on the upside I won’t need anymore CEUs for a long, long time and I won’t be able to afford them either.


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A couple of months ago I got a wild hair and wrote another article for the Alabama Kneads newsletter (our AMTA Alabama quarterly publication). It was finally published yesterday so here for your reading pleasure is the full text.

Free CEU Credits or Down the Rabbit Hole

By Sharon L. Bryant
I was just minding my own business one afternoon, trying not to waste time and attempting to do something professionally responsible. This is how I found myself on the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (ABMT) website toodling around and reading the minutes for the past few board meetings when I caught myself diving down a rabbit hole. Lured by the promise of easy money (aka free CEU credits) I went on a two-week odyssey that you can read about here without having to dust yourself off afterwards.

I suppose it depends on what you consider free, perhaps no-cost, sweat-equity CEU credits might better describe what I found on this journey. As I was reading in the ABMT Board Meeting Minutes for April 13, 2012, I found this statement, “Mr. Warren reported that licensees can obtain 25% credit toward CEU if they write published articles in the Board’s newsletter.”  So what does that mean exactly?

My assumption was this: If I were to submit an article for consideration to the In Touch newsletter (the official newsletter of the ABMT) and if it were accepted and published then I could earn 4 hours ( = 25% of the 16 required hours per bi-annual license renewal period) of CEU credit.

In order to verify my assumption I took to the ABMT Administrative Code otherwise known as the Rules & Regulations. I kept thinking the four hour credit sounded like something I’d read before, but alas, the PDF file that downloads from the ABMT website is not searchable and I couldn’t find it. So I shot an email off to the board asking for more details and boy am I glad I did.

You know how things aren’t always as they seem? Mr. Warren’s statement, as published in the minutes, wasn’t entirely accurate. Ms. Renee Reames responded clarifying that the 4 hours of credit would not pertain to articles published in the In Touch newsletter unless you were actually a member of the Board. Which doesn’t mean you can’t submit to the In Touch newsletter, it just won’t earn you credit if they publish your article. However, if you submit to Alabama Kneads, our very own AMTA Alabama Chapter newsletter, you will earn the credit.

The rules are pretty simple, write something up that is of interest to massage therapists, have your friend proofread it, submit it to Kristie Williams and wait to see if it gets published. If it is published, then you can claim 4 hours credit on your CEU reporting form next time you renew your license. You will probably want to keep a physical copy of the newsletter it was published in, just in case, but then aren’t all writers enamored enough with ourselves that we would keep it in the bottom drawer anyway?

There are a couple of other stipulations that go along with earning CEU credits non-traditionally, i.e., not paying someone to stand in front of you and teach. You can only earn 4 hours of credit with this method for each bi-annual renewal period and since one article counts for 4 hours of credit then only one article per bi-annual renewal period will actually earn the credit. Further, 4 hours is the limit of non-traditional credit you can earn per renewal period so other non-traditional CEU opportunities can’t be counted for credit.

If you want to read more about how to earn those no-cost, sweat-equity CEU credits, refer to the Alabama Massage Licensure Act section 34-43-21 part B. A little research and elbow grease could add up to saving some dollars you may or may not have in your pocket when it’s time to renew your license and verify that you have indeed fulfilled your CEU obligation to the Red Queen, excuse me, the State.

1. Alabama Board of Massage Therapy
2. Alabama Massage Therapy Licensure Act – Code of Alabama Title 34 Chapter 43
3. Alabama Board of Massage Therapy Administrative Code Chapter 532X1

Or you can read the full Alabama Kneads Fall 2012 newsletter. My article is on page 6!

***Harvest Moon Massage is Decatur, Alabama’s Exclusive Provider of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Ashi-Thai and Bamboo-Fusion Massage

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I meant to post this notice earlier, but I ended up taking a friend to the ER Friday morning and staying with her through an emergency appendectomy. She is recovering well, I am still so tired I can barely put one foot in front of the other. Why are hospitals so draining?

Regardless, I wanted to put out the notification for the August meeting of the AMTA Alabama Chapter.

When: Saturday, August 4th
Where: Hampton Inn Midtown, 2281 Florence Blvd., Florence, AL 35630

The CEU will be a 2 hour Professional Ethics for the Massage Therapist taught by AMTA-AL President LaDonna Ward. For only $20, you can’t beat the price. It starts at 10am.

The meeting and luncheon start at noon and will run until 2pm. There is no charge for attending the luncheon and meeting.

If you would like to attend either the class or the luncheon or both, please contact LaDonna Ward at 256-962-0149 or

Hope to see you there!

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Several years ago I took an Integrative Reflexology course from Claire Marie Miller Seminars and to this day I remember how professional and high-quality that seminar was. Thus, I have added several dates for her Nurturing the Mother and Integrative Reflexology to the Massage CEU Central Calendar.

Check out dates for Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee in February, June, July and October here. Other dates and locations can be found on the Claire Marie Miller Seminars schedule by clicking here.

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Learn More About Reiki

My friend Mary will be giving a talk on Reiki for Healing and Stress Reduction this Friday, Sept. 23rd. Come out and support her if you’re in the area. She’s really interesting to listen to and watch. And if you’re lucky, she’ll demonstrate a bit on you!

September 23, 2010 @ Radisson Inn, Madison, AL
6:30 pm
Fee is $10 per person
Website: Click Here

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Massage CEU Central

Following several requests from folks I met at the AMTA Alabama Chapter convention earlier this year, I have finally figured out how to put the Massage CEU Central calendar on my website. Now you don’t have to be a member of the Massage CEU Central Group on Facebook to see what CEUs are upcoming in our region.

I’m hanging this calendar on a permanent tab up at the top of the page so you can find it quickly.

If you’re a CEU provider and you want to list on my calendar, leave a message or contact me directly and we’ll get you fixed up. If you are a therapist and know about something being offered, please let me know so I can add it. As always, my contact information is in the sidebar and thanks for stopping by!

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It was fun! Mostly… except for the Ethics. I know it’s necessary to keep the NCBTMB certification up to date and happy, but it was painful. The instructor was not happy or excited about her job. It made the opening session difficult and made me doubt whether I had made the right decision to spend an entire weekend in a conference room.

That being said, I loved the videos she showed. They were from a series called “Doing The Right Thing” published by The Chuck Colson Center. I hope in the future I have the opportunity to view the remaining three interviews that we did not cover in this class.

I did very much enjoy Jim Klopman and his class on Energy Systems in Massage. I have to be honest and say that I almost didn’t sign up for this class. Having taken a Reiki initiate class in the past and not getting much out of it, I figured it would be the same. This was definitely not the case. He gave us some very usable exercises and tests to do and demonstrated the “energy” components very clearly. I was shocked when I actually felt what he described and was even more surprised when I got sick and dizzy from one of the exercises. The longer the day went on the more astonished I became at the effects that we each got to feel and perform on a partner. I will definitely be using some of the techniques he taught during this class and will be revisiting my Reiki manuals. I still don’t know what it is, but there’s something to it.

Jay Jones also came in to teach us a thing or two about Fascial Unwinding. This was my first experience with Fascial Unwinding and I’m glad I took this class because I’m already using it with clients. We focused on the shoulder and with this technique added to the Rotator Cuff class I took a couple of years ago I’m finally starting to feel more confident when working deep in the shoulder.

So that was the educational part of the two-day meeting. We also had lunch on Saturday and the formal business meeting. I ended up volunteering to help manage the new AMTA-Alabama Chapter Facebook Group. If you haven’t already, you should head on over there and join! I’m also writing up an article for the Alabama Kneads newsletter. It’s about a first time World Massage Festival goer’s experience. I hope they can use it. If so, I will link it up here somehow, but I won’t know for sure until September.

Anyway, I met a lot of massage therapists from around the state. I think networking is important. Knowing who you’re “in business” with and being able to speak intelligently about what we all do is important. I hope this new Facebook group and finally having the opportunity to participate in the state chapter fills that place that I’ve been looking for since I left massage school and lost all my colleagues to “the real world”.

I guess that’s about all I want to say about AMTA-Alabama Chapter meeting in August. I’m looking forward to the next meeting. I hope it’s close enough and at a time that I can actually go. I’ll post the information here when I get it as to the next meeting. I know it’s probably already in the newsletter, but I didn’t read it closely enough…

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