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Hi All,

Thanks for dropping by. The state convention has been canceled due to continuing power issues and damage from the numerous tornadoes that went through our area Wednesday.

Please pray for all the families affected in this area. Many of us suffered property damage as well as that most precious commodity, family members. My family didn’t escape this tragedy. My niece lost her fiance Wednesday evening and is still in ICU awaiting surgery to fix a crushed pelvis. My brother, his wife, and mother-in-law also suffered lesser injuries. I will be heading out to the Wellington, AL /Calhoun County area tomorrow with a massage table to work on family members and those strangers who come by to lend a hand with cleanup and try to offer them some comfort through touch therapy.

I’ll post information on when the convention is to be rescheduled as soon as I have it.


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Elbow Trouble

Back in the fall I started having some trouble with my elbows. Self-diagnosing, as I am prone to do, I decided I had tendonitis in both. I’m not sure that’s what it was / is as I still have not been to a doctor opting instead for self-treatment with a tennis ball, BioFreeze and a lot of poking and prodding.

While on vacation last week I was finally able to slow down enough to go get a massage. The therapist I found is in Gulf Shores, AL. Her name is Melissa Millson and she is fantastic! If you ever get down in that area give her a call.

She did some things to my forearms that I’d never experienced before and I’m happy to report that for about a week, I’ve been largely pain free. Unfortunately, this morning I woke to that familiar pain in the left elbow. So this morning was spent trying to remember all the things I did yesterday that might have irritated the forearm and the elbow. I didn’t have much luck with that tack. My days are pretty busy.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a bit about what she did to my forearms that seemed to help so much. It’s called Bamboo Fusion and warm bamboo pieces are used to warm and massage muscles at a deep level.

I’d never had a bamboo-assisted massage and as far as I can tell she only used the bamboo on my forearms and calves, but wow was it ever worth it. I’ve known about Bamboo Fusion for several years and it’s been on the list of CEUs I’d like to take, but mostly I had relegated it down the list of things to do later.

But since I had such a lovely experience with Melissa (and my Body Reading class got canceled) I’ve done a little research and there’s a very good possibility that I’ll be taking a Bamboo Fusion class in June. I have made initial contacts with an instructor and am waiting for a response.

Why Bamboo Fusion? Well, mainly because it’s luxurious and effective deep tissue through a hands-on application. I find myself with clients who can’t experience Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy or Ashi-Thai because they’ve had recent surgeries, but who still need deep work. I’m only comfortable and capable of delivering so much with my hands. I rely on my feet for the really deep stuff. So when a regular client has, say, a hysterectomy, but is accustomed to my feet and the accompanying deep, luxurious massage, they’re not happy with my hands-on techniques. They still want the deep massage. Bamboo Fusion promises to help me deliver what they’re wanting. It’s certainly not a barefoot massage, but it apparently goes deeper than what I can deliver from the floor.

Thus, I’ll be traveling in June if all works out for that. Unless the instructor writes back and says she’ll come to me! Now that would be ideal.

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A Little Vacation

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The schedule is finally here!

Friday, April 29th, 2011
8am – 12pm: Professional Ethics for the Massage Therapist, Gail Vaughan (4 CEUs)
1pm – 5pm: Energy Systems in Massage, Jim Klopman (4 CEUs)

Saturday, April 30th, 2011
8am – 12pm, 2pm – 4pm: Fascial Unwinding with Anatomy Review for the Shoulder, Greg Howie, Jay Jones (6 CEUs)
8am – 12pm, 2pm – 6pm + Sunday 8am – 12pm: Active Isolated Stretching, Al Meo (12 CEUs)

If you’re interested in attending any or all of these classes contact Somer Battles at

I’ll be sending in my registration form tomorrow!

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